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I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere

Aug 15, 2019

“he was not the man that they had known” [CREE] 

Christopher Sequeira is a familiar name among those who enjoy speculative fiction. That's the intersection of horror, fantasy, science fiction, and super hero. And that's where his connection with Sherlock Holmes resides as well. Where did Chris first get inspired in...

Jul 30, 2019

“Male costume is nothing new to me” [SCAN] 







It isn't every day you run into someone who crashed an invitation-only event 45 years ago. When you add to the mix that the event was all-male and the interloper was a female—well, now we have the beginning of a good story.


For years it remained a mystery,...

Jul 15, 2019

“What do you want with the coffin?” [LADY] 

As a rule, Sherlockians and Holmesians are a welcoming bunch. But occasionally you'll see arguments spring up about why a certain book, film, television show, play, or other related project is rubbish. Well, that's completely subjective, isn't it?

The guiding light of the...

Jul 1, 2019

“all the enthusiasm of a man fresh from the fogs of Baker Street.” [COPP]  

There are a handful of names in the pantheon of Sherlockians that are legendary: Morley. Bell. Smith. Starrett. Baring-Gould. And Shaw.

For as much as John Bennett Shaw influenced modern-day Sherlockians, we haven't spent much time...

Jun 15, 2019

“these characters convey a message” [DANC]


It isn't every day that one has an opportunity to chat with someone who owns an intimate piece of clothing that belonged to "a certain gracious lady." Barbara Rusch, BSI ("The Mazarin Stone") is a collector of Victoriana and ephemera, and more importantly is the author of...