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I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere

Dec 27, 2014

"the compliments of the season" [BLUE]





As you know, December 27 marks "the second day after Christmas," the day on which Dr. Watson called up on Mr. Sherlock Holmes to wish him "the compliments of the season"in "The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle."



We've long celebrated that particular story...

Dec 15, 2014



Mike Whelan is the "Wiggins" of the Baker Street Irregulars and has been such since 1997. He joined us as a guest on I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere first in December 2007 (Episodes 14 and 15).


As a reminder, the Baker Street Irregulars, the literary society dedicated to Sherlock Holmes, was founded in 1934...

Nov 28, 2014



This. Is. IHOSE!



In our 70th episode, we've joined forces with three of the formidably intelligent Baker Street Babes to create a Sherlockian version of the popular American game show Jeopardy. To say that it was one of our most technically challenging episode yet would be a massive understatement. But we hope...

Oct 18, 2014

Michael Williams and Clive Merrison as Dr. Watson and Sherlock Holmes


In Episode 68, we explored some of the early days of Sherlock Holmes on radio with Bert Coules. We're pleased to present the second part of that episode as we make a deeper dive into Sherlock Holmes as portrayed in radio productions.


The bulk of our conversation with Bert centers - appropriately so...

Sep 29, 2014


Sherlock Holmes has a rich history on radio, beginning in the 1930s and running clear through to the 2010s. From William Gillette to Basil Rathbone, Cedric Hardwicke to John Gielgud, and Carlton Hobbs to Roger Rees.


But there is one production that stands heads and shoulders above the rest. The BBC Radio 4 series...