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I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere

Aug 24, 2007

The chatfest with Peter Blau continues as we enjoy more conversation in an even more interesting vein, if you can imagine. From the early days of the BSI to radio connections, professional societies, collecting and traditions, and even Sherlock Holmes in a far-flung place, Peter gives his unique perspective.

Topics in this episode:
1:52 Meeting Rex Stout at the BSI dinner and the resulting shift in the paperback book industry
7:05 Sherlock Holmes on radio
10:13 The Practical, But Limited Geologists and other professional Sherlockian societies
13:30 Some interesting books
15:04 Peter's collecting interests
17:00 An annual Sherlockian Christmas tradition
23:50 Sherlock Holmes in the Smithsonian Institution - and beyond!
30:52 What are your society's traditions?
31:54 The Editor's Gas-Lamp: June 1982, Vol. 32, No. 2 - Peter Blau's first Gas Lamp as editor of the BSJ

Please let us know if your Sherlock Holmes society has any traditions. We'd love to hear about them and talk about them on the show.