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I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere

Jul 15, 2016

"I am one of a hundred" [ILLU] 

Well, we managed to do it. And it only took us nine years, an 18-month hiatus, one lost episode and thousands of fans.


That's right, it's our 100th episode.


We asked you what you wanted to hear for the centenary of the first podcast for Sherlock Holmes devotees, and time and again, we heard from you, telling us to do a retrospective - a look back at our favorite moments from what we've accomplished. We also asked you what your favorite moments are and what you wanted to know from us. Well, we managed to deliver on both.


Our 100th episode gave us a chance to reflect on exactly what turning 100 means, and to dive back into our murky and fuzzy origins. We try to answer some of your queries and we celebrate those who joined us previously before launching into our top memories of the show, as represented in audio clips. Our Gas-Lamp features two readings, including a new one created just for this episode. Finally, we wrap up with a couple of important announcements that you won't want to miss.


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Additional Thanks

We have so many of you to thank — from those of you who wrote in with feedback, to those who provided reviews, created something for us, provided financial support, and of course, those who appeared on the show. It's all been absolutely overwhelming.


So, in no particular order, thanks to: Steve Doyle, Mark Gagen, Steve Rothman, Bob Katz, Andy Solberg, Jon Lellenberg, Dan Stashower, Mike Whelan, Peter Blau, Les Klinger, Bert Coules, Mike Berdan, Michael Dirda, Bob Thomalen, The Baker Street Babes, Otto Penzler, Maria Konnikova, Nicholas Meyer, Evelyn Herzog, Susan Rice, David Harnois, Steve Mason, Rob Nunn, Claire Strum, Peter Calamai, Nicholas Pidgeon, Nick Utechin, Ray Betzner, David Stuart Davies, David Ian Davies, Chris Redmond, Jamie Mahoney, Leah Guinn, Jerry Margolin, David Morrill, Sally Sugarman, Graham Moore, Henry Zecher, Tom Francis, Don Hobbs, Tom Richmond, Tim Johnson, Ken Ludwig, Glen Miranker, Zach Dundas, Bonnie MacBird, Bill Barnes, Roseane McNamara, Doug Elliott, Kerry Murphy, Christopher Sequeira, Erin O'Neill, and Robert Veld.


And extra special thanks to our spouses  Kathi and Mindi, who tolerate this silliness and allow us to interrupt the flow of home life more than we thought they would. Or certainly more than they'd prefer.




1:37 Welcome and intro

2:25 Someone else is pretty excited

3:19 Other centenary celebrations in 2016

7:10 Milestones can be difficult to celebrate, featuring Dennis Wolfberg

9:32 Our humble beginnings

11:14 Spending time

11:55 I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere - by the numbers

15:49 Multiple IHOSE interview guests

18:10 Your kind reviews on iTunes

20:24 Wessex Press

21:40 You asked for it / your favorite moments

23:29 How it all began

34:24 Remembering our hiatus

41:00 Looking back at our favorite moments

42:25 Mike Berdan on getting involved with Sherlock Holmes 

45:12 Christopher Morley on the reality of Sherlock Holmes

48:00 Peter Blau on Edgar Smith

51:38 Otto Penzler gets defensive about his literary doppelgänger

55:23 Fritz Weaver recalls Baker Street, the characterization of Sherlock Holmes, and the importance of Conan Doyle

57:54 Michael Dirda reads from On Conan Doyle

1:01:59 Lara Pulver reflects on her success

1:05:03 Bert Coules on the role of the writer with BBC Radio, the importance of his director David Johnson recognizing the major characters in The Hound of the Baskervilles

1:11:20 Bert Coules talks about casting Michael Williams as Dr. Watson, as opposed to Nigel Bruce

1:14:55 A comic interlude: a halfway decent Jack Benny impersonation

1:20:22 Lyndsay, Ashley and Ardy from the Baker Street Babes play Jeopardy and make Burt's editing job a living nightmare

1:24:06 A flashback within our flashback as Steve Rothman is unruffled and Bob Katz freaks out about Dr. Rosenbach's credentials

1:26:57 Nicholas Meyer recounts how he was invited to the BSI dinner and how he overstepped

1:35:25 Susan Rice shares the story of the afternoon when women were granted membership in the Baker Street Irregulars, together with a recording of Tom Stix presiding at that very event.

1:42:53 The Baker Street Journal

1:45:02 The Editor's Gas-Lamp: a two-fer with "221B" and "A Long Evening with Holmes"

1:50:45 Housekeeping, special thanks and two announcements — listen closely, as we need your feedback




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