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I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere

Oct 13, 2007

Scott and Burt interview Bob Thomalen, BSI to learn more about his involvement with the Sherlockian world, including his claim to fame, Autumn in Baker Street (aka “The Great Sherlockian Sleepover?). Join us as we learn more about this veteran drummer, guitarist, magician, chessman, and corporate presenter. Bob will also share his insights as to how to start a Sherlock Holmes society or event .

Show Notes
03:05 Bob shares his late start with Sherlock Holmes
06:37 Ron Burt De Waal’s World Bibliography of Sherlock Holmes
07:55 Bob discovers the Sherlockian scene through societies
12:30 The Beginnings of Autumn in Baker Street
17:10 Giving the people what they want – for 25 years
17:50 The latest AIBS (September 2007) was a major success
21:50 Some insight on planning a Sherlockian event
26:51 A description of Autumn in Baker Street for the uninitiated
31:18 Listener comment - a memory of John Bennett Shaw
35:22 Wrap-up, join our Facebook group, consider subscribing for free

Autumn in Baker Street
The Three Garridebs of Westchester County
The World Bibliography of Sherlock Holmes
List of Sherlockian societies
Bear Mountain Inn – site of the very first Autumn in Baker Street