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I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere

Dec 30, 2016

"Yes, Mr. Holmes, I teach music." [SOLI] 


It's our final show of 2016, we welcome Karen Wilson to the program to discuss a variety of musical associations of hers with Sherlock Holmes. From teaching to composing to performing, she does it all, and incorporates that into her Sherlockian pursuits.

We're treated to one of the best toasts of the year, "Sherlock Holmes of Baker Street," performed for us by Karen. It was inspired by "Alexander Hamilton" from the hit musical Hamilton by Lin-Manuel Miranda, and it does not disappoint.
Karen shares with us her muse, the creative process, her other inspirations and more in this memorable interview. Plus, a solution for getting kids to put down those pesky electronic devices.

Burt and Scott mention some Sherlockian resolutions for 2017; what are yours? And do you have suggestions for guests for 2017? Let us know with a call, a comment, or an email.




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1:35 Hello and introduction

2:21 Sherlockian resolutions for 2017

6:30 Wessex Press

7:45 A quick Doctor Who aside

9:22 Karen Wilson joins the show

14:30 Burt discovers Karen's hidden talent with a Hamilton-inspired toast

23:15 The creative process

26:57 Looking back at other Sherlockian music, including Harvey Officer and his contributions

33:42 Gilbert and Sullivan parodies are typically well-received, such as "He Is the Very Model of the Modern Major Medico"

36:02 Flanders and Swann inspire

42:42 Appearing at the Gaslight Gala

47:55 A new Sherlockian society idea

51:09 Sherlock Holmes Brand 

52:06 The Baker Street Journal

53:40 Final thoughts for 2016



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