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I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere

Jun 15, 2018

“a slight nick” [SILV] 


If you're a regular Sherlockian, you've likely discovered that many other people in this hobby also enjoy Star Trek (which makes the Spock / Leonard Nimoy connections all the more...fascinating, as Spock would say). But how often do you hear from a guest that Irene Adler was the Boba Fett of the Sherlock Holmes stories?


That's exactly one of the unusual and unique takes we got from Nick Martorelli, BSI ("Seventeen Steps"), the Headmaster of the Priory Scholars of New York, audio producer, and all-around good humored Sherlockian. Nick reminds us that looking across works as a whole, rather than at individual parts, can help us make more sense of things. He shares the premise of a major talk he recently gave at A Scintillation of Scions, which looked at the four long stories in the Sherlock Holmes Canon. 


Plus, if you listen closely, you might hear Nick take a stab at the Priory Scholars school song and tease an upcoming Sherlockian audio book.


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