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I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere

Jun 12, 2011

As you probably already know, Edward Hardwicke passed away in May 2011. To an entire generation of Sherlock Holmes enthusiasts, he was Dr. Watson, the faithful friend, biographer and colleague of Jeremy Brett's Sherlock Holmes.

In this episode, we gather with two eminent Sherlockians who knew Mr. Hardwicke and explore his life and commitment to the craft a little deeper. We're joined by David Stuart Davies, BSI ("Sir Ralph Musgrave"), author of The Tangled SkeinBending the Willow: Jeremy Brett As Sherlock Holmes and Starring Sherlock Holmes: A Century of the Master Detective on Screen, among many other titles. We were also fortunate to have Steven Doyle, BSI ("The Western Morning News"), author of Sherlock Holmes For Dummies, proprietor of the Wessex Press (sponsor), and organizer of the quadrennial conference From Gillette to Brett, which covers Holmes on the stage and screen.

Each of these gentlemen share with us their personal memories of Mr. Hardwicke, Jeremy Brett's impression of his colleague, Sir Cedric's advice to his young son, and much, much more. By the conclusion of this episode, you'll understand why one commenter wrote, "While the world could use several Sherlock Holmeses, everyone needs a Watson."

We're also pleased to bring you some listener mail we received via email. And the Editor's Gas-Lamp, appropriately enough, is focused on Dr. Watson, from the Spring 2011 issue (Vol. 61 No. 1) of the Baker Street Journal.