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I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere

Mar 30, 2023

“there is nothing more stimulating” [HOUN] 


The latest entry in the BSI Press Professions series is a sequel: Stimulating Medicine: More Nerve and Knowledge: Doctors, Medicine, and the Sherlockian Canon. What makes it even more interesting is that it was developed during the pandemic.  

Bob Katz, BSI ("Dr....

Mar 15, 2023

“Well up in belladonna, opium, and poisons generally” [STUD] 


There's a large number of Sherlock Holmes stories that involve poisons or toxins. Once you begin to tally them up, you may be surprised, as was our guest in this episode.

Marina Stajic, BSI ("Curare"), ASH ("Lady Frances Carfax") has written and...