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I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere

Apr 30, 2017

"he braced himself to tell his story" [BERY] 


It's always a treat to have guests on our show when we air interviews. But two interviews in a single show? It just isn't done!

Until now, that is.

We were pleased to see Lynsday Faye, BSI ("Kitty Winter") at an event at Otto Penzler's Mysterious Bookshop, launching her newest book The Whole Art of Detection. We managed to take her gently by the elbow and lead her away from her admiring fans to have a few words. Those words included "Watson," "Doyle," "voice," and many others. You'll enjoy the way they're strung together.

And at a separate event at the Rosenbach Library, we met Ed Pettit, the new manager of public programs for the institution. He gave us a rundown of the latest exhibit, "Clever Criminals and Daring Detectives."



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