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I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere

Aug 15, 2017

"they are an extraordinarily astute couple" [VALL] 


Harold and Theodora Niver (that's Tyke and Teddie to all who know them), are a unique couple, even by Sherlockian standards. They've had an abiding love of Sherlock Holmes, Jack the Ripper and Dracula for most of their adult lives, they live at Baskerville Hall, and founded and ran the Men on the Tor, a Connecticut Sherlock Holmes society. [Which just so happens to be the group where Scott first got his start in Sherlockian societies.]


But one thing that keeps them active is appearing across Connecticut as William and Helen Gillette. They make regular weekend appearances at Gillette Castle, have been special guests at the William Gillette Luncheon during the BSI Weekend, and have been hired for regular events to perform "An Evening with the Gillettes."


As both of them are members of the Baker Street Irregulars, the Nivers are part of a select group of individuals in the Florin Society - having two shillings between them. Tyke received his investiture "The Man on the Tor" in 1977 and Teddie received her investiture "Carina" in 1997.


Join us on this very personal episode that has wonderful stories and details about this grand couple's adventures. From Don and Betty Grant at the Castle to Michael Harrison's sly preparedness to the law firm that includes language like "blithering saphead," it's full of surprises. We conclude with a "Gas-Lamp" that's cobbled together from the Introduction to Gillette's play in book form, and a poem written on the occasion of William Gillette's death.



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