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I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere

Nov 15, 2017

"full of spirits and energy" [GLOR] 

Bonnie MacBird returns to the show, this time to regale us with her own adventures that came with writing Unquiet Spirits, her latest Sherlock Holmes novel from HarperCollins. 


The book is a sequel to the popular Art in the Blood, and follows Sherlock Holmes's adventures in England, Scotland and France in the months following The Hound of the Baskervilles. In preparing for this work, Bonnie did some traveling of her own and manages to weave her own tale of intrigue around whisky experts, old distilleries, the inspiration for Hogwarts and much more. 


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1:32 Our spirits will not be quieted

4:13 Getting prematurely delighted

5:34 Welcome to Bonnie MacBird

8:12 Inspiration for Unquiet Spirits

10:52 The wine calamity of 1889

15:31 Researching whisky is hard

22:28 Sherlock Holmes's school

28:26 Surprises along the way

33:46 Looking at Holmes's past

40:21 Creating situations in which Holmes's powers are conveyed

42:21 A strong female character

44:41 Watson was discrete, despite being a promoter of Holmes

50:26 Don't forget the annotations

54:38 Why the magic happens

57:15 A couple of items in the news lately




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