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I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere

Mar 30, 2018

"He’s a man who is not to be beat." [SIGN] 


Baker Street Beat is many things: it's a book. It's a website. But more importantly, it's Dan's personal passion that combines many of his life interests.


In this episode, Dan Andriacco — author, Sherlockian, journalist and more — joins us to talk about his fascinating history with Sherlock Holmes, how he came to write a number of successful books, from the Sebastian McCabe / Jeff Cody series to a variety of Sherlockian pastiches, the people he has met, and the many interests that fuel his passion. And given that we're posting this on Easter weekend, it's completely appropriate that Dan co-founded a Sherlockian society called The Vatican Cameos.


Tune in to hear the greatest compliment about Conan Doyle and Sherlock Holmes that Dan ever heard and how a session at a library record player started it all...


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1:36 Welcome!
7:30 Wessex Press
15:30 Dan discovers the Sherlockian community 
16:45 Meeting Paul Herbert 
25:15 A working journalist 
30:50 Sebastian McCabe and Jeff Cody
39:45 The Vatican Cameos
54:30 The Baker Street Journal 
55:56 Some recent Sherlockian news
58:03 Canonical Couplet 





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