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I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere

Dec 18, 2007

In the previous episode of the show, you heard us get into some pretty interesting topics with Mike Whelan, head of the Baker Street Irregulars. We continue in this vein in Part 2, talking about the BSI Trust, the BSI Weekend in much greater detail, the Dr. Watson Fund, and a very exciting contest that you can participate in!

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Show Notes: 2:33 The evolution of the archives of the BSI, thanks to Dan Posnansky and Harvard
5:43 Mike's leadership style and getting things done
8:18 What happens at the BSI Weekend, anyway?
14:30 The Dr. Watson Fund - what it is, how it works, and how to contribute
16:01 Listener contest!!! Listen, participate and win!
17:10 Mike's favorite part(s) of the BSI Weekend
20:16 Follow the BSI Weekend activities - live - on the Baker Street Blog and the BSI Weekend site
21:48 How does Mike explain this avocation to civilians?
23:04 Mike spends his free time doing...
26:15 The secret to enjoying the Game
27:30 Getting Mike into the 21st century - maybe
29:02 Interviews at the 2007 BSI Dinner with recently investitured Irregulars: Dayna MacCausland, Mattias Bostrom, Elaine McCafferty, Maggie Schpak, Warren Randall, Mike Homer and Mike Berdan.
37:53 The Editor's Gas-Lamp, "Who Is a Baker Street Irregular?" Vol. 3, No. 2 of the 1948 Baker Street Journal
42:23 Subscribing to the Baker Street Journal
44:30 Listener comments - all kinds!
52:15 Final notes - please support the show by clicking through to Amazon from the show site, making a gift via ChipIn in the sidebar, joining our Facebook group, or voting for our site on Podcast Alley (also on the right).
56:01 Burt makes Scott tell an awful joke

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