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I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere

Dec 23, 2007

We're pleased to welcome Jerry Margolin, BSI ("Hilton Cubitt") to this show this week. Jerry has been a collector of something or other nearly his whole life, but his Sherlockian collection was the thing that occupied most of his adult life. Recently, Jerry decided to sell his collection, and we wanted to understand what went into that process, from the making the very difficult decision, picking a buyer, and what's happened along the way.

Those who know Jerry will be pleased to know that he did not sell the core of his collection - his Sherlockian artwork - which contains a wide array of original comic art, many made specifically at Jerry's request. You can see some of Jerry's art collection in the slideshow beneath the flash player for the show below.

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Show Notes:
Show intro
4:47 The origins of Jerry's collecting mania
6:30 Jerry's first piece of Sherlockian artwork: "Murder at the English Pub" by V.I.P.
7:15 Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Plus, Jerry's Sherlockian mentor
9:01 It's in your DNA - the collector gene
9:39 Meet St. Judy
10:32 Where does one put a Sherlockian art collection of over 900 pieces?
11:39 Jerry's art collecting theme - personal favorite artists, commissioned pieces
13:50 Will call for Peanuts - Charles Schultz
17: 32 Jerry's personal favorites: Jimmy Stewart, Will Eisner, Gahan Wilson
25:42 The oldest artwork in Jerry's collection
30:01 Shifting gears from art to books
32:40 Discovering rare & scarce books pre-eBay
34:40 The hallmarks of a good collector
36:13 Beginning to think about selling the collection
40:10 Starting the selling process
40:45 The emotional aspect of selling a collection
42:29 Starting to hear from collectors of the collection
44:06 Seller's remorse - and making up for it
45:23 It's not just about the sale - some philanthropy as well
51:02 What "what ifs" of collecting
56:57 The Editor's Gas Lamp: "Something Can Be Added," The Baker Street Journal Vol. 1, No. 4 (New Series) October 1951