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I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere

Nov 15, 2015

As the holiday shopping season nears, we thought it was a great time to create a shopping guide for the Sherlock Holmes fan in your life.


If you're into Sherlock Holmes in any way, it's likely that you have a wish list. Whether it's an early edition of the stories, a complete collection of Arthur Wontner films, a Sherlock Holmes chess set, or something else.


We recently asked your assistance in creating the ultimate Sherlockian gift guide, and you responded in force. We took those suggestions and ran with them, and created a show to highlight some of the many things for the Sherlock Holmes fanatic in your life, whether it's you or a loved one.


Of course, we cover the latest Sherlock Holmes news and enjoy a little banter to boot. We also mention a contest — leave us a review on iTunes and show us the proof (screenshot or similar) — and we'll enter you for a chance to win a 1950s-era Baker Street Journal Christmas Annual.


Listen closely and you may hear who our next interview guest is. And remain on the lookout for our regular Easter Egg feature.


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We've been enjoying your photos and plan to post a number of them soon, so if you want to be part of this effort, please purchase as many of of our 221B or 1895 oval stickers as you like and then send us a picture of where you've put it.



1:35 Hello

3:45 Just the two of us

7:07 iTunes review and contest

8:26 The Sherlock Holmes News

21:21 Our holiday gift recommendations, powered by our readers and listeners, beginning with books.

41:50 Recommended DVDs

47:15 Ephemera: physical objects

59:56 What Burt and Scott want

1:07:02 Wrapping up






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