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I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere

Apr 30, 2019

"He has an extraordinary faculty for figures" [GREE] 


Chris Schweizer is a Sherlockian of multi-media origins. So it stands to reason that his depictions of the characters take on a multitude of aspects.


In our conversation with this Sherlockian artist, we discover that he'd like to illustrate as many characters in the Sherlock Holmes stories as possible. And his work shows his close reading of the texts and his eye for detail, combined with his artistic creativity.


Chris explains his process with us, and shows the work that he's done digitally, on paper, and now in the form of collectible wooden figures of Sherlock Holmes characters. His project is now running on Kickstarter for all to see and support. Pick the 4-pack that you prefer!


We also have another installment of "As We Go to Press" with Mattias Boström, co-editor of the Sherlock Holmes and Conan Doyle in the Newspapers series. Try your hand at the latest Canonical Couplet quiz, see if you can figure out the story we're referring to, and you might win a prize.



Chris' Kickstarter

SchweizerCraft on Facebook

Chris Schweizer on Twitter

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