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I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere

Jan 15, 2020

“a certain quiet primness of dress” [MUSG] 

For the last 26 years, Beau Ties Ltd. has been a Vermont-based U.S. manufacturer of bow ties. And sometimes we see glimpses of Sherlock Holmes coming through.

Because we're bow tie fanciers and astute observers of things, we decided to chat with an executive from Beau Ties...

Dec 30, 2019

“Light-houses, my boy! Beacons of the future!” [NAVA] 










The Beacon Society needs your help. In particular, it needs you to spread the word to teachers, librarians, students and more.


Established in 2003, the Beacon Society introduces young people to the Sherlock Holmes stories and recognizes...

Dec 15, 2019

“he returned refreshed to his monograph upon the Polyphonic Motets of Lassus” [BRUC] 

Perhaps you recall Watson mentioning in the midst of "The Bruce-Partington Plans" that Sherlock Holmes took his mind off of things while waiting for crucial information by losing himself "in a monograph which he had undertaken upon...

Nov 30, 2019

“well acquainted with his daily routine” [RESI] 

When we named our show I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere, it was an acknowledgment that we can find Sherlock Holmes-inspired activity virtually any place we look. But our guests on this episode show us that they could see it being named I Hear of Sherlock Every Day.


Nov 15, 2019

“at this conference” [MAZA] 

We took the show on the road!

Burt and Scott ventured to Bloomington, Indiana for the Baker Street Irregulars' conference "Building an Archive" at the Lilly Library at Indiana University. It was an event filled with conversations and exhibitions that delighted all, collectors or not.