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I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere

Sep 29, 2007

In the late 1980s, Jeremy Brett commissioned Jeremy Paul to write a play for him. The collaboration yielded The Secret of Sherlock Holmes, which ran for a year in the West End and toured for three months around England. The shores of the United States have never seen the play - until now. In honor of the...

Sep 15, 2007

This week, we take a break from our interview schedule to get back to the basics. We discuss the man who determined the foundations of a good Sherlockian collection and heap lavish praise on our favorite tomes related to the great detective.

Show topics:
3:50 The Shaw 100 as the basis of a number of good...

Sep 1, 2007

Editors Steven Rothman and Nicholas Utechin join us for a chat about a book they have co-edited: To Keep the Memory Green, some recollections from the life of Sherlockian/Doylean scholar and collector Richard Lancelyn Green. We also hear about their respective experiences as editors of the Baker Street Journal and the...