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I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere

Mar 30, 2017

"it is the only personal introduction" [SUSS] 

"Just what the world needs," you tell yourself. "Another biography of Arthur Conan Doyle." Full disclosure: we thought the same thing.

Until we read Arthur and Sherlock by Michael Sims.

And then our attitudes changed. And then even more so after having a conversation with the author. Fortunately, we recorded that conversation and we're sharing it with you here.

Michael shared with us the impact of books on his young mind, his journey to writing, and how his earlier works on E.B. White and Henry David Thoreau inspired his style for this book. From Baring-Gould to Joseph Bell, we touch on many familiar names and go deep into this exploration of the elements that inspired Conan Doyle to create his master detective.

And, if you listen carefully, you'll discover how a certain intestinal discomfort prevented Doyle from killing himself.


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2:21 Welcome
5:53 Sponsor: Wessex Press
7:37 Welcome Michael Sims
11:47 Michael's uncanny ability to time the market
17:00 Michael's first meeting with Sherlock Holmes
22:31 Beginning a writing career
28:39 Bringing Joseph Bell to life
38:07 Sponsor: Baker Street Journal
39:42 Bell's own mentor
47:40 Doyle and Teddy Roosevelt
51:25 The origin of "Sherringford Hope"
55:09 Why stop now?
57:15 Conan Doyle's fan mail
1:05:47 Interview conclusion
1:12:26 Sherlock Holmes Brand ad
1:13:19 Closing remarks


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