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I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere

Sep 15, 2017

"a case of ancient coins" [3GAR] 

Dr. Watson was once on the receiving end of a rebuke by Baron Adelbert Gruner in "The Adventure of the Illustrious Client," Gruner upbraided Watson (who was incognito as Dr. Hill Barton, avid collector of Chinese pottery). When he admitted that he had not read Gruner's definitive book on the subject, he hid behind his profession:

“I am a very busy man. I am a doctor in practice.”
“That is no answer. If a man has a hobby he follows it up, whatever his other pursuits may be.

Well, Greg Ruby has certainly found time for his passion. Greg founded the group The Fourth Garrideb, a Sherlockian society made up of those interested in coin collecting. He also developed a website to accompany it, with plenty of information for those so inclined.


We cover Greg's early interested in Holmes and coins, and then take the time to explore some of the mentions of coinage in the Sherlock Holmes stories. There's much to cover, so gather up your loose change and sit close to the electronic Victrola... 


We end with a very special Editor's Gas-Lamp: Christopher Morley's own poem "The Sun's Over the Forearm," which inspired the medal for the Three Hours for Lunch Club.


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1:32 Cha-CHING! Welcome

2:34 Burt's grandmother was very generous

4:23 What to do with your spare change

6:52 Wessex Press

8:07 The Breakfast of Ex-Champions

9:04 Welcome Greg Ruby

11:45 Don't take any Buffalo nickels

13:15 The joy of meeting coin collectors

18:23 Greg's first meeting with Sherlock Holmes was kismet

21:07 Significant coins in the Sherlock Holmes stories

27:00 Inconsistencies in coinage in the Canon

29:02 The Gibraltar set from Pobjoy Mint

33:25 The story behind the Three Hours for Lunch Club medal

38:10 The origin of The Fourth Garrideb

45:15 Chocolate Sherlock Holmes coins

49:25 A future for Sherlockian challenge coins?

53:15 Our own coin collecting pasts

55:42 The Baker Street Journal

57:32 Gas-Lamp

1:00:23 Your import/export assignment





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