A visit to a venerable scion society, the Sons of the Copper Beeches, in October 2007. Headmastiff Gideon Hill describes the group's history, assisted by Scott Bond, who then offers remarks about his 25 years as the Baker Street Journal's cartoonist. We close with an Editor's Gas Lamp from July, 1959 featuring Edgar Smith's thoughts "On the Forms of Address."

Show Notes:

1:30 The Great Interruption
6:20 En route to the SOCB
7:40 Meeting Gideon Hill
9:00 Gideon's history of the SOCB
11:10 Encountering Peter Blau
12:35 Scott Bond recalls the SOCB in the 1970's
14:45 Making friends at scion society meetings
17:35 Introducing Scott Bond's remarks
18:50 The Lament of the Sherlockian Cartoonist
23:15 Carl Barks and Walt Disney
30:30 A cartoon a month
31:00 How it all comes together
35:30 Camouflage in Japan
41:15 Scott's production process
46:00 Editor's Gas Lamp from the Baker Street Journal Volume 9, No. 3, July 1959: "On the Forms of Address"

The Sons of the Copper Beeches
The Baker Street Journal
Christopher Morley on Wikipedia

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Episode 17: Collectors' Corner - Otto Penzler Here we pick up where we left off last time. You'll recall that previously, we interviewed Jerry Margolin about giving up part of his collection; in this episode, we speak with the man who bought that collection. Otto Penzler, BSI ("The King of Bohemia") is a specialty dealer, the proprietor of The Mysterious Bookshop, and a long-time expert of Sherlock Holmes and mystery fiction.

Tune in as Otto tells us a bit about what it's like to have the opportunity to purchase an excellent collection, how he goes about deciding upon a purchase, and his own interests. He also gives some valuable advice to aspiring collectors.

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Show Notes:
1:17 Introduction & housekeeping
4:54 Scott & Burt welcome Otto Penzler
6:15 Otto and the emotional collectors; how many books does Otto have in his own collection?
8:18 Jerry Margolin tells us why he chose Otto to sell his collection to
10:25 Otto's visit to and impressions of Jerry's collection - what made his job easy
12:50 Otto explains how to assess a book collection
14:45 What if Jerry decided to sell his art collection?
18:02 How the collectible mystery book market has changed over the last 30 years
19:35 The smart investor invests in... (a top 3 list) and a reason not to buy books
21:16 What excites Otto as far as collecting
22:50 Where to find Jerry's collection (and Otto) - visit early and often!
24:38 Otto's publishing background
25:47 Defending Otto's literary starring role in Elmore Leonard novels
27:43 He writes, too! - sports, crime and more
30:30 A bit of background with the Baker Street Irregulars from the King of Bohemia
35:55 Otto recommends where mystery readers should start
38:08 Commonalities of collectors
40:05 How to find Otto online and things do to once you're there
42:36 Otto picks some winners
43:53 Final insights on reading and collecting from a mystery expert
46:05 Interview wrap-up, the wonder of this common interest in Sherlock Holmes, memories of Sherlock on film
53:41 The Editor's Gas Lamp from The Baker Street Journal, Vol. 2 No. 3 (Old Series), 1947: "The Fortunate Ones"
58:52 Memories of first discoveries of the stories
1:01:38 Listener comment
1:04:33 How you can help in the coming year

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