Episode 17: Collectors' Corner - Otto Penzler Here we pick up where we left off last time. You'll recall that previously, we interviewed Jerry Margolin about giving up part of his collection; in this episode, we speak with the man who bought that collection. Otto Penzler, BSI ("The King of Bohemia") is a specialty dealer, the proprietor of The Mysterious Bookshop, and a long-time expert of Sherlock Holmes and mystery fiction.

Tune in as Otto tells us a bit about what it's like to have the opportunity to purchase an excellent collection, how he goes about deciding upon a purchase, and his own interests. He also gives some valuable advice to aspiring collectors.

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Show Notes:
1:17 Introduction & housekeeping
4:54 Scott & Burt welcome Otto Penzler
6:15 Otto and the emotional collectors; how many books does Otto have in his own collection?
8:18 Jerry Margolin tells us why he chose Otto to sell his collection to
10:25 Otto's visit to and impressions of Jerry's collection - what made his job easy
12:50 Otto explains how to assess a book collection
14:45 What if Jerry decided to sell his art collection?
18:02 How the collectible mystery book market has changed over the last 30 years
19:35 The smart investor invests in... (a top 3 list) and a reason not to buy books
21:16 What excites Otto as far as collecting
22:50 Where to find Jerry's collection (and Otto) - visit early and often!
24:38 Otto's publishing background
25:47 Defending Otto's literary starring role in Elmore Leonard novels
27:43 He writes, too! - sports, crime and more
30:30 A bit of background with the Baker Street Irregulars from the King of Bohemia
35:55 Otto recommends where mystery readers should start
38:08 Commonalities of collectors
40:05 How to find Otto online and things do to once you're there
42:36 Otto picks some winners
43:53 Final insights on reading and collecting from a mystery expert
46:05 Interview wrap-up, the wonder of this common interest in Sherlock Holmes, memories of Sherlock on film
53:41 The Editor's Gas Lamp from The Baker Street Journal, Vol. 2 No. 3 (Old Series), 1947: "The Fortunate Ones"
58:52 Memories of first discoveries of the stories
1:01:38 Listener comment
1:04:33 How you can help in the coming year

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