The Sherlock Holmes CollectionAs we finished the last episode, we realized that we never got around to talking more about "The Adventure of the Empty House," as we had promised. We've filled that gap nicely this time out, with a discussion ranging from the multitude of commentary on "The Empty House," to illustrators, to a sneak peek at a future episode. We're also running a contest for our listeners. We have a copy of The Sherlock Holmes Collection DVD set from the BBC / A&E (pictured to the left) to give away. All you have to do to have a chance to win is leave us a comment here on the site, on our Facebook page, an email, or an audio comment at (774) 221-READ (7323).


Sherlock Holmes Collection Newsletter Vol 6 No 2
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Episode 19:  Sherlockian Year in Review In the Sherlockian world, the "Great Hiatus" is known as the period from 1891 to 1894 when Holmes was presumably dead after his showdown with Professor Moriarty at the Reichenbach Falls. In the real world, it meant that publication of new Sherlock Holmes stories ceased after "The Final Problem" in December 1893 and didn't resume until The Hound of the Baskervilles appeared in 1901 as a retrospective (not a resurrection) of Holmes. It wasn't until 1903 that the world saw The Return of Sherlock Holmes in "The Empty House." For those of you who have been following, this podcast was on a hiatus of its own. Scott and Burt have been busy in our professional lives (not to mention having equipment issues and a hard drive failure thrown in for good measure). But we're back! In this show, we recap of what went on in the world of Sherlock Holmes enthusiasts for 2009, as well as what's coming up, and we even looked back at the hiatus of that august publication The Baker Street Journal. Listen now: Links: Download this episode by right-clicking the icon and selecting "Save As..." (File size: 46.5 MB, 50:45)
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