Special Episode: Compliments of the Season 2007 This time of year always draws our minds to "The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle," the only Sherlock Holmes story that takes place at Christmas. It's the source of our greeting cards to each other, with the universally applicable "Compliments of the Season," which is exactly the wish that Burt and I give to each and every one of you.

Thank you so much for being part of this journey with us throughout the second half of 2007. We look forward to bringing you more episodes of the quality you've come to expect, and we may even have a few surprises in store for 2008.

In the meantime, sit back, relax, and enjoy 10 minutes or so of a very special holiday greeting from your friends at I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere.
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We're pleased to welcome Jerry Margolin, BSI ("Hilton Cubitt") to this show this week. Jerry has been a collector of something or other nearly his whole life, but his Sherlockian collection was the thing that occupied most of his adult life. Recently, Jerry decided to sell his collection, and we wanted to understand what went into that process, from the making the very difficult decision, picking a buyer, and what's happened along the way.

Those who know Jerry will be pleased to know that he did not sell the core of his collection - his Sherlockian artwork - which contains a wide array of original comic art, many made specifically at Jerry's request. You can see some of Jerry's art collection in the slideshow beneath the flash player for the show below.

Please leave a comment at (774) 221-READ (7323), comment [AT] ihearofsherlock [DOT] com, within the comment section of each entry, or in the Splashcast player. We also encourage you to join the I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere Facebook group, to vote for us at Podcast Alley, and to consider making a donation to the show (in the sidebar on the right).

Show Notes:
Show intro
4:47 The origins of Jerry's collecting mania
6:30 Jerry's first piece of Sherlockian artwork: "Murder at the English Pub" by V.I.P.
7:15 Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Plus, Jerry's Sherlockian mentor
9:01 It's in your DNA - the collector gene
9:39 Meet St. Judy
10:32 Where does one put a Sherlockian art collection of over 900 pieces?
11:39 Jerry's art collecting theme - personal favorite artists, commissioned pieces
13:50 Will call for Peanuts - Charles Schultz
17: 32 Jerry's personal favorites: Jimmy Stewart, Will Eisner, Gahan Wilson
25:42 The oldest artwork in Jerry's collection
30:01 Shifting gears from art to books
32:40 Discovering rare & scarce books pre-eBay
34:40 The hallmarks of a good collector
36:13 Beginning to think about selling the collection
40:10 Starting the selling process
40:45 The emotional aspect of selling a collection
42:29 Starting to hear from collectors of the collection
44:06 Seller's remorse - and making up for it
45:23 It's not just about the sale - some philanthropy as well
51:02 What "what ifs" of collecting
56:57 The Editor's Gas Lamp: "Something Can Be Added," The Baker Street Journal Vol. 1, No. 4 (New Series) October 1951

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Episode 15: Michael Whelan, Wiggins of the Baker Street Irregulars (Part 2) In the previous episode of the show, you heard us get into some pretty interesting topics with Mike Whelan, head of the Baker Street Irregulars. We continue in this vein in Part 2, talking about the BSI Trust, the BSI Weekend in much greater detail, the Dr. Watson Fund, and a very exciting contest that you can participate in!

Comments? Questions? Suggestions? Please contact us using the information in the sidebar to the right.

Show Notes: 2:33 The evolution of the archives of the BSI, thanks to Dan Posnansky and Harvard
5:43 Mike's leadership style and getting things done
8:18 What happens at the BSI Weekend, anyway?
14:30 The Dr. Watson Fund - what it is, how it works, and how to contribute
16:01 Listener contest!!! Listen, participate and win!
17:10 Mike's favorite part(s) of the BSI Weekend
20:16 Follow the BSI Weekend activities - live - on the Baker Street Blog and the BSI Weekend site
21:48 How does Mike explain this avocation to civilians?
23:04 Mike spends his free time doing...
26:15 The secret to enjoying the Game
27:30 Getting Mike into the 21st century - maybe
29:02 Interviews at the 2007 BSI Dinner with recently investitured Irregulars: Dayna MacCausland, Mattias Bostrom, Elaine McCafferty, Maggie Schpak, Warren Randall, Mike Homer and Mike Berdan.
37:53 The Editor's Gas-Lamp, "Who Is a Baker Street Irregular?" Vol. 3, No. 2 of the 1948 Baker Street Journal
42:23 Subscribing to the Baker Street Journal
44:30 Listener comments - all kinds!
52:15 Final notes - please support the show by clicking through to Amazon from the show site, making a gift via ChipIn in the sidebar, joining our Facebook group, or voting for our site on Podcast Alley (also on the right).
56:01 Burt makes Scott tell an awful joke

Download this episode by right-clicking the icon and selecting "Save As..." (File size: 53.5 MB, 58:28)
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In this episode of the only Sherlockian podcast, we begin our interview the head of the Baker Street Irregulars - the internationally renowned literary society that remains at the forefront of the study of Sherlock Holmes. Michael Whelan has been "Wiggins" of the BSI for the last decade, and here he shares some thoughts on his own personal history, the organization, the annual gathering known as the BSI Weekend, and more.

The Baker Street Irregulars is the umbrella organization for a host of so-called scion societies around the world and has been in existence since 1934.

Show Notes
1:15 Introduction & welcome
5:10 Mike's first experience with Sherlock Holmes
9:50 A Rotary-like element to being a Sherlockian
10:15 Mike's first Sherlockian dinner, 1969 - Hugo's Companions
11:18 Mike's first BSI dinner, 1973
13:16 The Montgomery tradition begins and other Irregularities
15:36 Mike gets his investiture and discussion of the "wait list"
17:54 How Mike became the head of the BSI
22:59 That's a lot of dinners!
23:26 The BSI's style - informal, no dues, no requirements
25:29 Tom Stix changed some things, Mike's vision for the organization
30:48 The BSI re-enters the publishing business
38:38 Archiving this podcast and other BSI-related material
42:21 Show wrap-up and highlights from next week's conclusion


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Episode 13: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - A Life in Letters

We're pleased to welcome two noted authors to the show this week: Jon Lellenberg and Daniel Stashower. The recently edited a biography about Sir Arthur Conan Doyle along with Doyle's great-nephew Charles Foley. Comprised of hundreds and hundreds of letters, the book is already a critical success and is gaining popularity on both sides of the Atlantic. We talk with Jon and Dan to get some of the behind-the-scenes information from them.

Please do consider subscribing to this podcast for free; you may also join our Facebook group, where there's an additional opportunity to interact with the community.

Show Notes

  • Introduction of Jon & Dan, their qualifications
  • Why this biography is so different, after 20 others
  • Where did all of these letters come from?
  • Working with the Conan Doyle estate
  • The heavy influence of Mary Doyle in her son's life
  • Jon & Dan share perspectives of working with original letters - the good & the bad
  • More of the bad: a chronologist's nightmare
  • Looking at Conan Doyle's faith and his turn to spiritualism
  • Did the editors find any surprises or new discoveries?
  • How the biographers view their subject now, after working so closely with his letters
  • The Editor's Gas-Lamp: The Baker Street Journal, Volume 4, No. 1, 1949 (Old Series)
  • Show wrap-up




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Episode 12: Bob Thomalen (Part 2)

We pick up where we left off in Episode 11, talking with Bob Thomalen, BSI ("The Three Garridebs") about how he was able to make his events so successful so early on, how he went about selecting speakers, what it was like to work with Tom Stix, and a wonderful legacy left to us by Bob's closest Sherlockian friend.

Show Notes

  • Getting a critical mass at events
  • Selecting speakers
  • Some memories of Tom Stix, former head of the BSI
  • One of Bob's inspirations and best friends: Bill Schweickert, BSI ("Cox & Co.")
  • Bob's support system
  • No Gas-Lamp this week; instead a special reading of "A Long Evening with Holmes"
  • Listener comments
  • An appeal to join us online



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Episode 11: Bob Thomalen (Part 1)

Scott and Burt interview Bob Thomalen, BSI to learn more about his involvement with the Sherlockian world, including his claim to fame, Autumn in Baker Street (aka “The Great Sherlockian Sleepover?). Join us as we learn more about this veteran drummer, guitarist, magician, chessman, and corporate presenter. Bob will also share his insights as to how to start a Sherlock Holmes society or event .

Show Notes
03:05 Bob shares his late start with Sherlock Holmes
06:37 Ron Burt De Waal’s World Bibliography of Sherlock Holmes
07:55 Bob discovers the Sherlockian scene through societies
12:30 The Beginnings of Autumn in Baker Street
17:10 Giving the people what they want – for 25 years
17:50 The latest AIBS (September 2007) was a major success
21:50 Some insight on planning a Sherlockian event
26:51 A description of Autumn in Baker Street for the uninitiated
31:18 Listener comment - a memory of John Bennett Shaw
35:22 Wrap-up, join our Facebook group, consider subscribing for free

Autumn in Baker Street
The Three Garridebs of Westchester County
The World Bibliography of Sherlock Holmes
List of Sherlockian societies
Bear Mountain Inn – site of the very first Autumn in Baker Street


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Episode 10: The Secret of Sherlock Holmes

In the late 1980s, Jeremy Brett commissioned Jeremy Paul to write a play for him. The collaboration yielded The Secret of Sherlock Holmes, which ran for a year in the West End and toured for three months around England. The shores of the United States have never seen the play - until now. In honor of the 120th anniversary of the first appearance of Sherlock Holmes in print (1887-2007), Shakespeare & Company in Lenox, Massachusetts is producing the play.

In this episode, we interview the actors Michael Hammond and David Demke and director Robert Walsh, in anticipation of the play's run from September 28 - October 28, 2007. In addition, there will be a Sherlockian weekend in Lenox from October 19-21, 2007. And at the end of the show, there's a listener challenge.

Note: because of some technical difficulties, you may notice us "stepping on" each other's words. For some reason, the audio misaligned, and as I don't record separate tracks for each line, there was no way to edit it. I apologize, but I hope the content makes it worthwhile.

Show notes:
1: 11 Audio clip from the production
1:50 An introduction of the three interviewees, their qualifications, and the background of the play
8:16 Michael Hammond discusses why Shakespeare & Company chose this play
11:38 David Demke tells about his familiarity with the Canon and what he brings to the performance
13:40 Robert Walsh gives his perspective on directing such a play, after having directed Sherlock's Last Case
18:00 The two halves of the play - the known and well-recognized, and the secret
21:21 How to go about getting something new out of time-tested characters
33:04 The challenge of presenting a Holmes play that is not a mystery, the evolution of the characters
35:15 Staging a 2-man play - intimacy factor with the audience in the Founders' Theatre
36:50 Walsh shares his feelings on directing a play for Shakespeare & Co. for the first time
45:01 Burt & Scott discuss the evolution of the characters over time
47:42 Listener challenge - let us know if you attend the show by emailing us and we'll interview you
49:02 The eras of Sherlockians over the years
50:47 Join our group on Facebook




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This week, we take a break from our interview schedule to get back to the basics. We discuss the man who determined the foundations of a good Sherlockian collection and heap lavish praise on our favorite tomes related to the great detective.

Show topics:
3:50 The Shaw 100 as the basis of a number of good Sherlockian books
4:40 A bit about John Bennett Shaw
7:32 Do you have memories of John Bennett Shaw? Call us at (774) 221-READ, email us at comment AT ihearofsherlock DOT com, or comment below
9:03 Burt's favorite book
15:40 What "the hunt" was like before the Internet
19:27 Paxton Whitehead reads "221B" by Vincent Starrett
21:08 Scott's favorite book
28:50 Editor's Gas Lamp, "Let Me Recommend This Book," Vol. 2, No. 2 (Old Series)

Links in this episode:

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Episode 08: To Keep the Memory Green

Editors Steven Rothman and Nicholas Utechin join us for a chat about a book they have co-edited: To Keep the Memory Green, some recollections from the life of Sherlockian/Doylean scholar and collector Richard Lancelyn Green. We also hear about their respective experiences as editors of the Baker Street Journal and the Sherlock Holmes Journal and the formation of the Quartering Press.

Topics in this episode:
1:30 Listener audio comment
4:30 Nick & Steve give some perspective on their editorial experiences
14:29 A bit about Richard Lancelyn Green
17:20 The genesis of To Keep the Memory Green
21:12Steve recalls memories of Richard, a bus station and plastic carrier bags
23:17 Nick harkens back to the early 1970s and an Oxford connection with his professional Sherlockian friend
24:57 The Baker Street Irregulars and the Sherlock Holmes Society of London join forces
27:00 Quartering together – the fruits of labor
30:35The impetus behind the project – capturing the essence of a “one-off?
40:14 An alternative to the Editor’s Gas Lamp: Richard Lancelyn Green’s introduction from The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (Oxford annotated edition)
49:24 Final thoughts on Richard’s contribution
52:08 Burt springs a question on Scott
54:32 Hunting through old bookshops
56:10 Scott’s inspiration for collecting – from a movie

Links mentioned in the show:



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The chatfest with Peter Blau continues as we enjoy more conversation in an even more interesting vein, if you can imagine. From the early days of the BSI to radio connections, professional societies, collecting and traditions, and even Sherlock Holmes in a far-flung place, Peter gives his unique perspective.

Topics in this episode:
1:52 Meeting Rex Stout at the BSI dinner and the resulting shift in the paperback book industry
7:05 Sherlock Holmes on radio
10:13 The Practical, But Limited Geologists and other professional Sherlockian societies
13:30 Some interesting books
15:04 Peter's collecting interests
17:00 An annual Sherlockian Christmas tradition
23:50 Sherlock Holmes in the Smithsonian Institution - and beyond!
30:52 What are your society's traditions?
31:54 The Editor's Gas-Lamp: June 1982, Vol. 32, No. 2 - Peter Blau's first Gas Lamp as editor of the BSJ

Please let us know if your Sherlock Holmes society has any traditions. We'd love to hear about them and talk about them on the show.

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We do another interview show, this time when we have a conversation with longtime Baker Street Irregular Peter Blau ("Black Peter"). Peter is one of the center points of the Sherlockian hub and has plenty of great stories to tell. Add to that an audio comment from a listener, and we've got a show that should not be missed.

Topics covered in this week's show:
01:50 Listener comment
03:55 Begin interview with Peter Blau
04:50 Peter defines the "average Sherlockian"
06:25 My First Meeting with Sherlock Holmes
09:20 Memories of visiting Ben Abramson's Argus Bookshop in New York
11:22 Ben introduces Peter to The Baker Street Journal
13:05 Memories of Edgar Smith, BSI dinners in the 1950s, and what "keeking" is
18:10 Scuttlebutt from the Spermaceti Press
27:00 The Red Circle of Washington, DC
29:28 Peter discusses his role in the Baker Street Irregulars and the BSI Trust
33:15 Peter's editorship at The Baker Street Journal
34:04 A brief history of the BSJ editors
35:10 Julian Wolff's one-man BSJ editorship & management
37:10 Peter as a pitchman
39:07 The subject of this year's BSJ Christmas Annual is announced!
39:30 One of Peter's greatest regrets
41:05 Sherlock Holmes inspired "Cats"??

The Baker Street Journal
Scuttlebutt from the Spermaceti Press
The Baker Street Irregulars Trust
The Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Sesquicentennial - May 7-9, 2009
Macavity, the Mystery Cat

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The discussion continues from last week's episode's topic of the basics of the Sherlockian world. You'll hear us discuss the societies, scholarship, international groups, regular gatherings and a healthy how-to of getting involved.

Topics covered in this week's show
  • The Baker Street Irregulars and the origins of Sherlock Holmes societies
  • The Baker Street Journal Christmas Annuals
  • Some society proceedings
  • Overview of the past & present heads of the Baker Street Irregulars
  • Why the "Baker Street Irregulars"?
  • Some international groups, including the U.K., Canada, Japan, Australia, Denmark, Germany, Italy and France
  • How to join a Sherlockian society / what goes on at meetings
  • How to find out when the meetings are
  • Answering the age-old question: "How can I become a member of the BSI?"
  • The BSI Weekend activities
  • Other online resources for your edification
  • And some offline resources
  • The Editor's Gas Lamp, from Vol. 9, No. 4, 1959

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We've received a lot of correspondence from listeners asking us about some of the basics of the Sherlockian world – thank you for taking the time to contact us and let us know what's on your mind. In order to ensure that we're all working from the same level of knowledge, we'll cover some of the fundamentals of "the Game." Since this is such a broad topic, this will be a two-part show – and rather than make you wait two weeks for the second part, we'll release it next week.

Show topics:

  • Listener mail - how do I get into a Sherlockian society?
  • What do we mean by Canonical?
  • Which are the best Sherlock Holmes stories to read? Where should I begin?
  • Holmes and Watson as real people - the beginnings of Sherlockian scholarship
  • Some details about Baker Street - particularly 221B
  • How we use short-hand to refer to the stories
  • Close connection with and nostalgia for the Victorian/Ewardian era when the Baker Street Irregulars was founded in 1934
  • You say Sherlockian / I say Holmesian

Links for this episode:

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In this episode, we sit down for a chat with Mike Berdan, BSI to discuss his article "The Adventure of the Dead Detective" in the Spring 2007 Baker Street Journal. Mike tells us about:
  • How he came to be interested in Holmes
  • His origins with Sherlock Holmes societies
  • Some of his previous 12 published articles in the Journal
  • The life of a freelance writer
  • His inspiration behind the current article
  • Response to Mike's thesis in his article
  • Advice for aspiring Sherlockian scholars looking to be published
  • A surprising revelation
It's worth noting that this episode was actually our first recording session; the audio, while not ideal, is leveled better than the previous interview. We hope that you'll be able to listen to it without any difficulty.

Links from this episode:
Following is a list of some Sherlockian journals that consider contributions for publication:
Mike's article from the BSJ:

From now until July 15, the nomination process is open at PodcastAwards.com. Please consider nominating us for an award in the Cultural / Arts category. We appreciate your support.

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In this episode, Scott & Burt interview Steve Doyle and Mark Gagen, who run the very successful Wessex Press. You'll hear us speak with this very dedicated team about their publishing experience and how they go about planning and executing some very successful Sherlockian events. We also have our first audio comment from John Pforr (thanks, John!) and Burt reads a Gas Lamp from an old issue of the Baker Street Journal.

Show Notes:
01:05 Introduction
02:21 Welcome to Mark & Steve
07:17 All about Wessex Press/Gasogene Books
13:12 The Sherlock Holmes Reference Library
20:15 Planning conferences, lessons learned and successes
25:32 From Gillette to Brett
26:38 From Gillette to Brett II
33:12 Listener voicemail
34:37 Gas Lamp: from Volume 2, Number 1 of the Baker Street Journal, 1947

Links mentioned in this show:
Wessex Press
The New Annotated Sherlock Holmes
The Sherlock Holmes Reference Library
The Annotated Lost World
Videos from the Granada series with Jeremy Brett
A Study in Celluloid: Michael Cox's account of Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes
The Baker Street Journal

Let us know what you think of the show, ask us a question or make a recommendation. Please make comments below, email us or call (774) 221-READ (7323)

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Episode 01 - Welcome and Introduction
We're very excited to debut the first episode of I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere. To set the stage for what you'll expect, Scott Monty and Burt Wolder introduce the concept of a Sherlockian podcast.

Although Burt and I are both members of the Baker Street Irregulars and we will speak about the history and goings-on of the BSI, this is not the official podcast of the BSI. Should that august body ever decide to emerge from 1895 and start its own podcast, we'll be sure to let you know.

In this episode, we explore the following topics:

  1. Why a podcast?
  2. Ways to listen to the show
  3. The breadth of interest in Sherlock Holmes
  4. Listener comments - welcome, encouraged, by phone, email or the comment feature below
  5. Show frequency and length
  6. My First Meeting with Sherlock Holmes - Burt and Scott each share their own first experience with the great detective
  7. The Editor's Gas Lamp - from the Baker Street Journal, Vol. 1, No. 2 (1946), "What Is It That We Love In Sherlock Holmes?"

Links mentioned in this show:
Podcast (via Wikipedia)
The Annotated Sherlock Holmes: 2 Vols. in One
The Baker Street Journal

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